The band ‘Who killed the DJ’ is an internationally renowned Marbella Wedding Band and was founded in 2012 and is made up of FullerDJ, Saxophone, Electric Violin and Percussion.  From the south coast of Spain, each band member has a different background and musical skill.  They come together as a group to perform in their own unique style.
As well as playing along the Costa del Sol the Marbella wedding band regularly play in Gibraltar, Cyprus, Madrid, Barcelona and the UK.
WKTDJ are a big draw at one of Marbella’s biggest festivals ‘Starlite’ and the atmosphere they create on stage with their show, playing dance and commercial up-tempo music, is a performance you will experience like no other!



“This group with their infectious energy and incredible sets will create an electric atmosphere that audiences love.  Their fresh sound and high-octane performances are unlike anything that you will have ever seen before. They take WOW factor entertainment to a whole new level.”

– Scarlett Entertainment